Together we build.
Clients often come to us “in a snow globe,” overwhelmed by what-ifs with no easy answers.

No matter how significant your savings, you may fear it will all go up in smoke.
What’s more, you face high stakes decisions at your lowest point.
Together we build calm, confidence, and clear financial strategies to answer your two biggest questions:

"Am I doing okay?"

"What should I do next?"

We Invest In You

Unlike advisors who focus solely on investments, we focus on you.

You may not be ready to jump right into planning. We spend all the time that’s needed, not just to answer your questions, but to learn your concerns, fears and desires. We make a meaningful investment in knowing you - and what's important to you - before we ever expect to navigate the best options with you.


Our clients are often overwhelmed, grieving or both.

We intentionally hone the skills, experience and understanding to guide you from a place of distress to a new beginning.  We help with specialized practical issues – whether to keep the family home, how to replace alimony when it ends, whether and how to assist adult children or elderly parents, and how to successfully communicate with a spouse after divorce – while meeting you where you are in the healing process. We move at a speed selected just for you.

The same skills that led Tina to consistently expose financial fraud and earn the Associated Press Investigative Reporting Award now protect you. When fear makes you vulnerable to expensive products full of empty guarantees, we serve as your financial watchdog.
We prefer to delight 100 clients with a privileged level of detail and attention, rather than try to appeal to everyone. Our clients benefit from the direct access and close, long-term relationships that we cultivate.
We invest your portfolio in proven principles not sexy headlines, staying power not sizzle. The rest of your life is too important to gamble on guesses and opinions.
Your Interests First
Not every financial advisor must put you first.

Only registered investment advisors are legally bound to put clients’ interests before their own. We are held to the highest legal and ethical standards, serving solely what’s best for you.