My “Why” is deeply personal.
I was an award-winning TV news reporter, specializing in investigating financial fraud.
Then my mother took her life.
Even in an affluent waterfront suburb of New York City known as the Golden Coast, my mother and so many of her neighbors worried how to afford retirement, children’s college educations, and elderly parents’ care – the so-called “bag lady syndrome.” 

Divorce intensified my mother’s fears. Like many, she had always relied on her husband to manage the finances. 

Changed by my mother’s death, I walked away from the TV news spotlight. I had climbed from CNN Financial News Network in London, to working with Katie Couric at NBC’s Today Show, to ultimately reporting nightly for NBC stations nationwide.

I took a pay cut, earned a new degree, and launched my financial planning career.

Now, more than 15 years later, I still see affluent clients unsure how much they can spend, how to pay for their own elder care, or if they have saved enough.

We work side by side to take that worry away.